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Default Poulan chain saws

Just want to brag on these little saws for a minute.

I had about a fifteen year old Husqvarna that was a great saw. But as it aged it started giving me some problems. First time I needed to rebuild it i came across a green poulan saw at a garage sale for $25 bucks. It started up and sounded good so I picked it up to use while the husqy was down and I was waiting on the rebuild kit to come in.

I was impressed with the poulan. Especially for $25. Since then I've picked up probably 6 more garage sale cheapies. There's been a few problems. One of them leaks fuel where the tank split. So I just use it as a parts saw if I need anything off of it. And for some reason the fuel and bar oil caps are really hard to thread on and off. I don't have any idea why, but each saw is hard. It's easier to keep a pair of channel locks in the box to open the caps instead of trying to crank on them by hand.

Anymore I keep my husqy out of harms way (I once dropped a limb on it and cracked some of the plastic frame. That wasn't a cheap replacement either) and only use it for cutting up big stuff on the ground or through big trunks. It's definitely a better saw

But I wouldn't hesitate to buy a poulan for the casual home owner that cuts a few times a year.


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