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Originally Posted by kevin777 View Post
I am also advised to take the German Drachtaar, but Iím still thinking about how to train him. Himself or need to hire someone
It takes time, and PATIENCE. These dogs REMEMBER EVERYTHING. You NEVER have to hit, smack, or give any physical punishment. All they live for is to do and give you what ever you want. The challenge is for YOU to learn to speak dog and make them understand what you want. Every minute they are around you, they are trying to figure out what you want and how to give it to you. Just a harsh word will make my dog break my heart with the way he looks and acts toward me for a good while. They are brilliant and even my 12 year old learns new stuff FAST and I mean things that have NOTHING to do with hunting if I want him to do it. Just make every single minute you spend with them, learning time. Feeding time, is learning time. Play time is learning time. Everything is work and he works for me and I'm the boss. Nothing makes a dog happier than a boss that knows what he wants and helps him learn it.

If you have the patience to teach a 5 year old boy to tie his shoes, manners at a table, to pick up after himself... that is the kind of time and patience I'm talking about. If you don't have time to "raise another kid", you don't have time to train your own draut or wire hair puppy.
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