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I wrecked my shoulder 20 years ago and had it rebuilt when I was in the Army. I had been a bow hunter before that (had never killed one but that's another story). in 2002 I wanted to start hunting again and had access to a small piece of land where I could bow hunt so I got a waiver and bought a horton steelforce recurve bow online. Delivered to the house for $125. Came with 16 or 18 inch arrows and a very rudimentary red dot scope. I killed a couple dozen deer with that bow. Some very nice ones. put a lot of meat in the freezer. in 2012 I stepped up to a Parker Hornet extreme. That was a huge difference and I still use that bow. Today, I bought a Centerpoint sniper 370 and had it delivered to my brother since he wants to try xbow hunting . The options out there are tremendous. If you can go shoot some xbows, then do that, but if you can't, I would look at the reviews and just buy one, get it dialed in and hunt. After a couple years you will know if you need or want something more or different.

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