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I had a 6.5 Creedmoor, I personally HATED that thing. It wasn’t the Caliber, it was the Particular Rifle, a Weatherby Vanguard S2. I shot at, and Missed 3 Whitetail Bucks of a Lifetime that Year with that thing, Even Though it was a Gun issue, i learned to HATE everything about it, and Was excited to Get rid of it, Rifle, Loading Dies, Bullets, etc. Everything i owned for 6.5 went LONG GONE, never to Return.

Personally, i much prefer my 7mm-08, or .308 Win

Whaley Precision (AWESOME GUNSMITH, Very highly regarded here!) Just south of me in Cda Idaho has a Video of Sawing a 6.5 Barrel in Half, then turns to the Camera with both Pieces in Hand and Say’s “.30 Cal or Nothing” LOL! He obviously DESPISES the 6.5, For Hunting Big Game that is.

I know the 6.5 Creedmoor is Capable, i killed a HUGE Cow Elk at 325 Yards, I actually got SUPER LUCKY though, I clipped the Bottom of her Backbone above her Lungs, She Fell Immediately. I had to get over there and Shoot again, I HATED to have to do that. I am thankful i got her, and didn’t Wound it. If i had been just a Few inches lower i would have Hit RIGHT IN the “Void” (Below Backbone, and Above Lungs) She would have Left the Country Wounded and i would Likely never have recovered her. Again, this wasn’t the 6.5s Fault. I just had BAD Luck with it, and it RUINED me for liking them
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