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I would call that one expensive item targeted at hunters wallets, and they know many hunters spend far more money than any real farmer ever will!
and why compact tractors got so costly!
and why so many gadgets and gizzmo's exists for hunters to TRY and buy hopping for magical item LOL

not sure HOW many acres of plots your doing, but if a LOT< this is a SLOW going process with a tiller period, and again why real farmers don;t use them to plant commercial crops!
next if your doing smaller plots, HOW Much more time is involve hand broadcasting the seeds?
is it worth all the costs to buy one of these?
if your budget doesn't mind the costs, I am, sure its a NICE Item to have and save a few small steps in the food plot game
But I could never ever justify the costs of one for me
been doing food plots for 30+ yrs, on average 156+ acres of them every yr !
again, not a back tool minus the over priced price tag IMO
have deep pockets, have at it LOL
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