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I haven't gone hunting since I became disabled. I was a ruralcarrier with USPS and after an MRI showed a cyst in my spinal cord, caused by a birth defect called Arnold Chiari Malformation, a neurosurgeon talked me into getting the surgery with a speech about if I didn't get the surgery one day I would be in a wheel chair. Well 2 years after the surgery I was hit with constant back pain and ended up needing a second surgery for Tethered Cord syndrome where they disconnected my spinal cord from my tail bone. I'm able to walk and do most things but if I'm on my feet for more than 30 minutes I'm in severe pain between my shoulder blades. I was forced to retire under a disability only 3 years after that initial surgery and I had no symptoms before that first surgery. I wished I never listened to that surgeon ! But now my son is 17 and I'd like to find a Christian hunters club in Pennsylvania that we could both join so there would be other Christian men that could also help mentor my son and teach him how to hunt. This is my first time posting but I was encouraged when I saw im_shocked post. Thank you for your encouraging words !
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