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welcome to the site
do you have a atv?

have you done a soil test to the site and is the soil UP to the task of groiwng the seeds your trying to get to grow
correct PH and such?

soil compaction where tires go from tractor should be tight enough to limit a seed from growing, unless your making a LOT of passes and firming up things really firm from over and over passes on your tractor
THIS IS why I asked about if you have a ATV

But farmers run BIG tractors and seeds still grow?
which makes me ask about the correct soil ph and condition to make your seeds actually grow and not just GROW< but strive!

just cause seeds are spouting else where doesn;t mean soil is good there from NOT getting so compacted, it just means seeds are growing better there maybe due to more moisture and such, and NOT about soil PH /condition of other nutrients seeds need to grow!
next will be HOW deep are you disc-ing the soil? maybe your disc-ing too deep and then seeding before your firming soil back up to make a good seed bed

what seeds are you trying to grow?

the soil also does NOT need to be FLAT after disc-ing it for things to grow
depending on the plant/seed being used, depends on the firmness of the soil you want, as well as the depth of the soil you want turned over(or not)
so can you tell us more about what your trying to plant
and how your working your soil, HOW deep of tillage are you doing
HOW firm are you making the soil afterwards
WHEN are you seeding, before you firm, after, during?
how heavy is your tractor/SIZE of it!
and so on
I have 30 yrs of making food pilots and part time farming experience, so glad to help if I can, but you need to tell us more to get better help here!
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