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Originally Posted by dig4gold View Post
This one has the ACUdraw PRO. Thought of getting an extra crank though.
OH OK, my bad, I didn;t look that close at it, I just knew some of them use special sleds for loading that don;t have a crank built in on them!
I'm a guy that tends to have spare parts all the time on things JUST in case, as my memory isn't getting any better as I get older!
I can have something in my hand and a few second later be looking for it, so, having extra 's tends to happen more out of mistake than need!
HOW I ended up with my first X bow was I drove 9 hours on an out of state hunt and forgot my BOW at home, LOL
so figured building a X bow would be a faster set up than a new compound bow,a s I wasn't driving home to go back and get my bow! Gas at the time was 4 bucks a gallon,
killed a nice buck with it on that hunt too, and been playing with X bows ever since!

A good case is nice to have, but harder to find for the reverse X bow, but can be worth the costs if you travel often with the bow!
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