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Default Savage 220 Range Day

Headed over my local range this morning with my Savage 220 shooting ACCUTIPS 3". Here is my group at 50 yards, when I crossed referenced with NIKON SPOT ON it stated 3" high at 50 yards should put me dead center at 160 yards, which I know from past experience using this ammo. Reason I re-sighted this shotgun with the same ammo, is that back in early spring i wanted to use the Remington Premier Expanders in 3", they shot and grouped as well as the Accutips but last week I ordered a case of them, next day the order was canceled due to inventory availability shortage. So being I have a case of ACCUTIPS I decided to save my $$$ and go back using the ACCUTIPS, I never experienced a problem with them on game. I know what it will print at 100 yards, I will return to do so, the range got crowded and it was hot and humid out
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