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Default Word of the day { testimony of dealing with fear}

In 1993 I was an ESE teacher { Special Eduction} the county can have you work with any kind of disabilities. They had a new thing coming up. A classroom of high school thugs that had done everything from armed robbery to sexually assaulting women teachers...and I was chosen to be there teacher in a portable away from any help. One student was in there because he hit a kid so hard he knocked his eye out. These students for the most part are black and smoked crack cocaine, In one training before I took the classroom I was so uptight I had an anxiety attack. I would have 10 of these student and one aid...a skinny little black man. After 2 months of training I was to go to my first room. When I came to the steps of this portable { A double wide mobile home } in a field far away from the other school...I could hear chairs being thrown around with laughter. I was scared to death...but God's Spirit reminded me of a verse in 1 John 4..."He that feareth is not made perfect in love.," I said Lord , how do you love this? " He said you pray for each student everyday...because you cant hate someone that you are praying for.. And I learned instead you have an expectation for change. Long story short...I said to them I want to see how bad you boys really are...If you get your work done and can behave we will play foot ball or basketball everyday from 11-12 ..they agreed...I also fasted daily until I got home...just water..WHY? fasting is God's method of magnifying faith...Faith gets rid of all fear..the 2 cant exist together..Great year..no incidenses at all but I did get a different assignment after that year,{-;

Blessings C7

I put New Testaments on each desk...and it wasn't long some of them started going to church..Eventually they put a secret button in there that got me in direct help of the local police..that was nice too..

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