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People will care when it hits near them. I dread when it will show here in Vermont. With the story told by the OP that outbreak was suspected but not confirmed until mandatory tests were done. Here in Vermont, because we have such a small Department with limited funding, I almost think they don't want to dig in and look for that news. When it does show it will result in spending to test animals killed in the area and then will result in less license sales all of which will bankrupt the Department. CWD has been confirmed in New York 5 hours away down near Syracuse first in a game farm, then in the wild and at a game farm in Quebec which is only a couple hours away from our northern border so it is almost inevitable that it will soon show within our Green Mountains. Game changer....for sure.
What Vermont did do to slow the chances of it showing up is to ban all game farms, ban supplemental deer feeding, and not allow any harvested whole carcass deer,moose or elk to be brought into Vermont from a contaminated area. It was only a decade or so that CWD was never east of the Mississippi River and now it is in more states than not.

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