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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse View Post
Well, I grew up an O's fan. However, ever since the union lawyer Angelos took over the team, he's made it impossible to remain a fan. Its embarrassing that his proudest part of being an owner is that he has the cheapest Yankees and Red Sox tickets for their fans. He has no desire to have a winning franchise because he would need to actually pay to keep good players and managers. Btw, he is also the reason Baltimore had to find an NFL team to move to Baltimore instead of relying on a expansion team. He was always the lead guy for getting one of those teams. I don't know how many remember the strike but he chose to forfeit ever game rather than field a team of replacements. So if you're an NFL owner, would you allow an owner who would prefer sitting on the side of the bargaining table with the players?

My girlfriend is a huge Tampa Bay Devil Ray fan. So if I had to pick a MLB team, it would be the Ray's. However, since I prefer going to triple and double A and games, I'm a Durham Bulls fan. The place where the term, Bullpen came from and the feeder team for the Ray's.

Im no Angelos fan but implying he wont pay isnt very accurate. How much did he pay Davis?

I can add many more player contracts if you like.
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