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Default Baseball Anybody?

I'm not a big fan of baseball on TV but have been following Vandy when I can because a kid on the team went to school with my son. They played all four years and more on the same football team. We will see if he gets picked high enough in the draft this year to make baseball worth it. Last year he was picked in the 14th round and the money just isn't there plus he was going to finish his degree. However, up popped the projections for the top picks in the draft and one of his teammates is projected to go at #4 to the Marlins. What was noticable in the college draft projects, there was no number 2. The numbers went from 1,3,4..... That's because of this kid. I met this kid back when he was about 5 and again around 12. My sister's family knows them well. He's graduating from high school this year and it projected #2 in the draft. Imagine, you're fresh out of high school getting ready to sign a contract in a few months with millions in signing bonus. Good for him. Bobby will be something to watch in the majors for years to come. His dad was an awesome player too.

Anyone from Texas ever get to see him play?

Bobby Witt Jr
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