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Bob H in NH
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It was pretty clear that Dany would be killed, she'd snapped and with her speach about continuing to the world, well she had to go. If Jon or Tyrion had understood that speach, they would have done it then and there.

that said about the only thing I got right in the prediction game was Jon returning to the wall and going north, that's where he'd always been happy.

Ending arc for some of the characters was good:
- Jorah dieing protecting the queen
- the one eyed guy dieing protecting Arya
- Jamie killing Euron
- Theon dieing protecting Bran
- tyrion being hand of the king
- Sansa running the north, though I didn't expect queen
- Hound killing the mountain and himself in fire

Others I didn't like:
- Jamie/Cersei, yes the had to die together, but Cersei was supposed to be killed by her twin, they just dropped that prophecy
- Arya just sort of turned on one speach from the hound
- Unsullied returning to a happy town. They can't have kids, so what's going to happen there?
- Bran as king? Really?

I really thought a committee would run the 7 kingdoms, but I did like Sansa pulling the north out.

I really wanted Arya to kill Cersei, with the face of Jamie on, even if it meant she died.

I read an article about an alternate ending and while it had some holes, it was pretty good, this was nothing official, just some guy on youtube with an alternate ending, is went something like this:
- the knight king wins the first battle, Jon and the knight king have a great sword fight that Jon is about to loose when Dany rides in on a dragon, and fires the knight king allowing Jon to get on the dragon and get away. Fire does nothing to the knight king however.
- Everyone escapes from Winterfell via tunnels and heads for Kings Landing where Cersei is convinced to let them in.
- Jamie and Cersie re-unite and Cersei admits no baby, she's pissed after Jamie left. Jamie then kills her because of her speach.
- Knight King shows at Knights Landing and big fights happen over again. This time Jon beats the knight king.
- Danny still wants to rule the world and Arya kills her using he assassin skills and the face of Jamie.
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