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if you go to leupold's web site it will show you the details of what this model does as to other models
from what I know of them without looking is, all models have some variances in how accurate they are and what sized magnification they have , and then HOW far they will take measurements on both reflective and NON reflective objects
it really has NOTHING to do with the size of the item, to a degree,
when you have higher magnification glass in the range finder, many find it easier to get the crosshair's/aiming point
on targets that are smaller, but again, this is a aiming thing and NOT how the range finder reads!
there are range finders designed to work more up close and some that work \farther out!
Lower magnification glass will allow use longer TYPICALLY in low light
Most archery hunting is done under 50 yards, so you do NOT need a range finer that can read out very far, but many will use one in other hunting, target shooting and thus want one that can read BOTH Up close and far away, this is why they make and sell so many different models LOL

weight can be a issue to some, and oddly as it sounds, some of the one's that read Farther out, are actually lighter than some of the only closer reading one's? mostly I gather due to the farther reading one's tend to me more expensive and get some better parts in things?

IMO< I see NO reason a golf range finder couldn;t be used in the woods, and vice versa, the quality of range finder is more important than , its marketing !
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