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Post Rangefinder - Leupold GX-1

I just started bow hunting this season and am loving it. The only real problem im having is judging how far an animal may be when im in the woods. Someone is selling a leupold GX-1 Rangefinder which is a golf rangefinder but I was just wondering if i would be able to use this in the woods. Correct me if i am wrong but from my understanding, you can use a golf range finder in the woods but you may not want to use a hunting range finder on the golf course. From what i have read the golf range finders are looking for something smaller while the hunting ones are looking for a bigger target. With that said you can still find the bigger target on a golf rangefinder. Has anyone ever used a golf rangefinder in the woods. I would be saving a good amount of money and am just curious to hear anyone's thoughts. Thank you in advance.
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