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just a thought here to try and help, don't have any take off barrels anymore!
but maybe a GOOD way to get an answer here would be to email a few smiths that build off rem actions, and ask them to weight one for you!

the last few rifles I had built I GAVE the builder my old barrels, as had no use for them(a few BRAND new one' s to) and he had a 55 gallon drum full of assorted take off barrels, due to many others didn;t want them, or from again, building rifles of rem actions he would get on used rifles he'd buy! custom rifle barrel makers also many time list the weights of barrels in sizes and contours! or know some used to, been a little while since I looked at any web sites on them!
also if EXACT weight maters, make sure you ask about if Blued or Stainless steel,
as I would gather there is a SLIGHT difference in them!
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