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Default I messed it up this morning..

I went out back to my blind and set up my decoys. Just after I got back in my blind and set down 3 nice birds were already in amongst the decoys. They were all around 15 yards and I over shot them. I thought I was going to have doubles with the first shot at them. But I went and blew it. It was during a light rain when they showed up. No gobbles until after I had missed them. I practiced shooting from inside my blind after they had left. I was shooting around a foot high. So I tried to sight it in for closer shooting but couldnít bring it down no more than 6 inches. So if they come back I will be better prepared anyway. Do you think that any of them will come into the decoys again? I did rearrange my decoys and moved them out at a little different angle so it will not look the same..I am hoping that I can lure one in. What do you all think? I canít use a shotgun there because of house being to close to discharge a firearm..
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