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Originally Posted by Bob H in NH View Post
Obama's failure on this was "shovel ready" didn't exist, no plan. Hopefully they have one.

I'd like to see infrastructure be defined, I hope it includes inter-state transport/highways, as well as cyber areas, internet to places without it, protection/recovery from EMP. More and more of our society is technology dependent but there are still many populated areas that don't have reliable high speed internet for example.

I sure hope, but doubt, that if they have a price tag, they have some plan for it .
its government, no there isn't a plan. It's the worse form of accountability out of all the ways to spend money. Money isn't theirs. What's it's being spent on, isn't theirs. So quality and price doesn't matter. It's called hey everyone, I've got this blank check, what do you want?

I heard some playback this morning from a Flint Michigan meeting. The reporter asks about some accountability in where did the federal money go that was supposed to be spent on fixing their water system. The councilman did everything but answer what happened to all that money.

And this is only 100 million in mis-spent funds

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