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Originally Posted by Lunkerdog View Post
So... Infrastructure in this nation is a ... Boondoggle???

Perhaps with all of the money going out of this country that is all coming back (You know... The Chinese millionaires buying all that property, and such...) We can figure out a way to pay for it???
well, we seem to have several already on this thread who got their feathers ruffled when Obams did his trillion dollar boondoggle. That didn't work out. Of course those on the left claimed not enough was spent. Now we have a 2 trillion dollar package getting ready to get pushed through Congress and figuring out how to pay for it. We're already trillions in the hole. We're now pushing trillion dollar deficits. We only spend 20 cents out of every dollar in gas tax on roads and bridges. Therefore, I appropriately called it a boondoggle. What's going to be different today than 8 years or so ago? Same players are there.
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