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I would rather see the $$$ spent here than see it sent to another nation as "foreign aid." There are a lot of things in this nation that need some work. I really would like to see the states take care of it in accordance with the 10th amendment, but only a fool thinks that is going to happen. However I do think if they are going to spend this $$$ they should give it to every county in the nation and let them prioritize the work. After all, who knows better what needs to be done? The people that live in the area or Nancy Piglosi? If the house controls this, nothing will get repaired and the $$$ will be wasted.
i hope the House doesnít screw this up and is wasteful with what this is intended for. I canít speak for how the government handles this, but HHS among other things is in the business of granting money to companies that prove themselves worthy of a grant by showing they are working on something of potential as it relates to improving our health.

Maybe be that the way itís done by certain departments for infrastructure purposes. I really donít know.
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