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Originally Posted by smokepolehall View Post
Did not have alot of time, but did shoot 5 times. I shot 3 PRB's at 25 yds with scope on 3x on sand bags. Group was 2" at 60 gr of 3F Goex. I got out 3 GP conicals 385 gr same 60 gr at 25 yds. I shot twice because one hit a touch high of my dot. The 2nd hit 8" left of the 1st shot. With a 2 shot group that wide at 25 yds its not worth my time nor powder to shoot the 3rd shot. So now i can bump the powder charge up to 65 gr n give it a try with the 385 gr Gp's. They are short in length n the 1:28 maybe abit too fast for them. I have 14 more to see if the group will show promise.
With a 1-28 bore I am surprised you got the PRB's to shoot decently even at 25 yards. The 385 coniclas should shoot very well from a 1-28 but... the QLA on the barrel my be causing you some of the problems.

This picture attempts to explain part of the problem when shooting a full bore conical from a TC barrel

Do you have any sabots and bullet you could load into your rifle?

And as in your last post - tightening the scope down could also help.
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