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I am glad to hear that your new pup is working out for you.. Sometimes a rescue dog whether a Heinz-57 or not will make the best dogs. That's what our black lab was after being rescued chained to a tree in the woods behind a house of druggies. She was very smart and the dog had a job to do with a police dept after her rescue. She became the top dog in our area for the job she had to perform. They would stop by and pick her up to take her on the job every so often. It worked out great for them because she was hidden from sight and yet out in the open because no one knew. So rescue dogs whether the Heinz-57 (mutt) or not can become some of the best dogs around.

Getting your phone to upload pictures can be very difficult on here I have found. But one thing that makes it easier is to not to enlarge the camera setting on your phone when taking the pictures.. Although it's still a hit or miss type of thing.. Good Luck..
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