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Leaving this here for posterity. A lot of folks here are saying, “To hell with the Constitution; we want our mob boss and serial felon!"

Powers of the President, [18 June] 1788

GEORGE MASON: “Now, I conceive that the President ought not to have the power of pardoning because he may frequently pardon crimes which were advised by himself,” Mason said. “If he has the power of granting pardons before indictment, or conviction, may he not stop inquiry and prevent detection?”

JAMES MADISON: "There is one security in this case to which gentlemen may not have adverted: If the president be connected in any suspicious manner with any persons, and there be grounds to believe he will shelter himself; the house of representatives can impeach him: They can remove him if found guilty: They can suspend him when suspected, and the power will devolve on the vice-president: Should he be suspected also, he may likewise be suspended till he be impeached and removed, and the legislature may make a temporary appointment. This is a great security “
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