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Originally Posted by Lunkerdog View Post
Thank you for the above post... I consider myself to be a Libertarian, and based on our exchanges, yer no Libertarian...

That's not to say that I don't enjoy our occasional exchanges of thoughts/ideas... Just never considered yer views to be Libertarian in nature...
Most people struggle to nail down the political view of a Libertarian. A lot of self proclaimed Libertarians included. For some it's just a choice outside of the two dominant parties. (one less dominant at the moment). It attracted me when I lived in Texas and the Libertarian party was gaining some real momentum. Went to rallies, talked with people, and helped with campaigns to get them on the ballot let alone elected. But mostly they were rich people lashing out because of taxes. I guessed at the time they didn't like any restraint on their pleasure seeking more than being interested in solving any problems we were heading into. Lunkerdog, let me tell you it was the eighties and everyone seemed to be lost and grouping for something. Fuel prices had dropped and there were armies of displaced workers setting up tent cities outside of and in some cases inside of the major cities. To me the Libertarians seemed out of touch with what was going on. Their solution seemed to be walled neighborhoods or what they called gated communities. Blinders on, just drive your Cadillac 80 mph past them and all will be well. I wouldn't say they haven't had an impact though. Concealed carry, fireworks, marijuana legalization, the end of Glass-Steagal. All of these things are in keeping with the Libertarian mindset.

I'm sure you have noticed some Libertarian in roads as well. Maybe not so much in your home state. But certainly Michigan, and absolutely Texas.

Some winter 'eh?
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