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Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
The libs sure have a lot of designs on the wealthy in this country. If they ever add up all the costs of their proposed programs, they would find that the costs would expend the entire wealth of the rich and then some. Such a program would also put a lot of people out of work and their day jobs. There's a reason why most libs aren't accountants, etc.
People sometimes lose sight of the objective. The Democrats most always try to figure out ways to get money flowing down none traditional paths. The object is to set up schemes for them to siphon off a bigger slice of the pie. Changing laws, changing goals, even tearing down an existing structure. They figure if they can get the money flowing in new directions it will benefit them monetarily. Whether it's welfare drones, government employees, expanding government or redirecting industry, it is all about controlling the money flow in the end.

You can always spot a liberal, they get excited about new, it really doesn't make any difference if it is better or worse, just so long as it is new. New is always better, it is a mindset.
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