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over the yrs I have found thousands of dead things in the woods from bears down, for many many yrs, I used to go looking for dead one's folks shot and lost and would find 10-15 a yr in a 2 week time frame
I have found that several places that deer seem to always go to after being shot and then die, mostly old strip mine sections that are very deep and steep walled, where, most folks won't walk down into them to go find a deer, I gather due to NO one wants to drag one out if they did
a shame, but, over the yrs its been a magnet for me finding dead deer, also a LOT of shed antlers too
about 10 yrs back, I came across a section of woods, say a 100 ft x 200 ft area, about 1/4 mile off a old mining road, that I found over 40 deer skulls in
many you could tell were bucks someone cut the antlers off, I did a write up on another forum back then with pic's of them

I never really found a real answer to why, but I think some butcher ( a few in the hunting club's that owned the land this was on)
that I think was dumping the heads out , and maybe some silly critter was carrying them off to where it like to chew on them
as I could not see anyone carrying them that far to dump them, it was NOT a easy spot to get into, never mind carrying that many heads
most all were fairly new, but a few looked to be a few yrs old!

now as for finding dead HUMANS, I have sadly came across 3, one was just hand bones, rest were full body's
and I called the authority's each and every time
I didn't find it fun or funny ANY of the times I found them either!
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