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you don't need a super fast or costly X bow
BUT there are advantages to some models over others
and that is FIT and how LOUD and or how they balance in YOUR hands
BEST advice is honestly GO to some bow shops that allow you to TEST fire models
and spend some time shooting them, and just as important, HAVE THEM shoot it as well as you stand next/near them and LISTEN to how LOUD they are
after this, lower costing X bows, just tend to be slower FPS, and that then means you need to be better at KNOWING ranges of deer, the GUESSING way, can bite you in the butt , invest in a decent range finder, and you will fond being successful will be a lot easier
as even the cheap x bows are pretty accurate, but wrong distance, can lead still , to misses or worse, poor hits and or lost deer!

bolts don't need to be going mach speed to kill a deer, but breadheads do need to hit vitals!
at your age, and not bashing here, but a bow that has a crank on it, might make your life easier, but that adds to costs
but a added feature of them is more consistent draws, and thus a more accurate shooting x bow! ! IMO when you can be more consistent on the draw, it DOES matter!
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