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Default New Brunswick Bear Hunt

Hi I've been bear hunting for 15 years we have a very healthy population of bears so much that they recently increased the bag limit to 2 bears per calendar year. Our deer herd has suffered since the mid 80's to an all time low last year so I would like to trade a deer hunt or let me know what you have, tags are by draw but they don't ever get used up draw dates are January 28 to March 28
Here's what I can offer 1 week in my camp I will provide meals snacks for that week the camp has no power but has a shower and a toilet with the use of a generator which I will provide. The hunting will consist of stands on baits morning and evening and I have allot of active baits and I will make certain that you are the only ones to hunt those baits that season your sit will be the first I will provide all transportation and guide services to the baits basically get yourself here and that's it if you tag out stay the rest of the week and we will do some fishing. This is a spring 2019 hunt May to end of June and would like to trade for a fall 2019 hunt gun or bow for two or three guys
Thanks ,
Scott Wilson

I have had some great luck trading in the past and have made some life long friendships with some great experiences. I love hosting people and giving them the experience in the north woods.
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