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Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
well I am not so sure on the above there calhunter
as I just went and checked on a post I JUST made and it fully allows me to EDIT and or delete it if I want to? like 20 minutes ago, so NO 72 hours of waiting here??

SO< would this be maybe based on a members history here or other wise deal?

as I can just to to any post I make and click on the EDIT button and make changes?
only way I COULDN"T delete things is of someone quoted what I posted first! then what ever they quoted would be in THERE post no longer mine
I think my first post about editing limits may have created some confusion. I believe I clarified it in my above post but just in case, here goes.

Admin has implemented a policy wherein a member can only edit their posts made if such editing is done within 72 hours of when they first made their post. After a post has been up for 72 hours, a member will no longer be able to edit/remove their posts.

The reason this chance was made is that a few disgruntled members decided to remove or edit all of their posts s)sometimes stretching back years) when they get mad at HNI, other members or for whatever reason they decide. Sadly, these decisions left a lot of topics with severe holes in the posting and sometimes, the deleted posts were the topic starters (Original Poster). As you can imagine, this created a problem for members who wanted to post in a topic and now could no longer respond to a post made by the member making edits/deletions. It also created a big problem for people researching topics as this left topics with holes internally or, in some cases, made it hard to find the OP topic in the first place.

In case you were wondering about which topics/forums, the issue came up with a few members who contributed heavily to the Black Powder forum. That forum is a huge resource for many people and had a lot of technical and very useful information in it for people shooting black powder. It only took a few of the member contributor heavyweights to edit/delete their posts before members complained that they no longer had access to valuable information, sometimes even in the middle of a project.

It's unfortunate that a few members will have some degree of difficulty in updating their topics, such as Mthusker's hunting offer topic. Instead of being able to simply strip out information in his earlier posts, he (and others like him) would have to make a new post clarifying the status of their topic (such as any hunts still available).

The good news is that if you decide to research a topic, you won't find a bunch of maddeningly frustrating holes in it and will be able to find the information you were looking for. Hopefully this clarifies the issue for you, the OP and any other members reading this topic. As always, feel free to PM me if you have further questions or a special circumstance.

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