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Jake has a great point... I'm on Facebook also, and let me tell you - there are some handgun forums that migrated over to their own Facebook "Group", and let their own internet forum, domain name, etc... all go kaput, and they stick with Facebook.

I don't post up as much as I used to, mainly because of major change in employment over the years. Back in my I.T. days I would multitask like a mo-fo and keep one task open, connected to the Unix server, compiling database code and restructuring indexes. While that was happening, I'd flip over to the other task window and post on HNI.

Nowadays, I took a drastic 180 turn, as the I.T. industry went bust (especially for us old Unix dinosaurs), and I refinanced the house, paid off a few things, scaled back a little, and now I have a CDL and drive a school bus for a living. It's a good gig for a semi-retired person, 3 hours in the AM, 3 hours in the PM, weekends and holidays off, summers off (unless you want to drive summer school), etc...etc... County run school system, incredible HR department, benefits, 401k, etc... **BUT** the pay is chump change compared to the I.T. industry (well, obviously!). So anyway, my time is spent on the road behind the wheel with 62 rambunctious elementary school kids!!!

But I will always try to keep in touch and post as often as I can. Let's all try to make HNI a great forum in 2019!
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