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All are great rounds for whitetails. You might want to consider the 30-06. There's a much wider range of bullets available so if at some point in time you were to hunt something other than whitetails, you'd have a wide selection of ammo to choose from. You can hunt anything in North American with a 30-06 except probably for Grizzly or Polar Bears!!

If recoil is an issue, the 6.5 or 7mm-08. Of course there are always muzzle brakes and suppressors if you'd rather go with a larger caliber... These days the 6.5 Creedmoor is getting a lot of attention....Very large assortment of factory ammo available for it and the ballistics are hard to argue. I don't own one. I've shot a .270 and an old 30-06 for many years, but with a torn rotator cuff I'm considering downsizing..

Don't discount a .257 Roberts or .243 also...both will kill any whitetail anywhere. Just hit 'em where you aim and they'll go down.
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