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Lot of truth in what Lunker said. Each outdoors website seems to have its' own vibe and how people get along. This place used to be a lot more fun with a lot of people who got along better and posted more. Some other outdoors websites are still very busy and have a lot less personal attacks. People disagree but still don't make it personal. They don't jump on newbies and instead answer their questions and try to help them along. NAHC and NAH both had their problems and went downhill. So have a few other sites as well.

I've been around this place a long time since the early to mid 2000's. It's definitely changed over the years. Back then, Justin Zarr ran a fairly tight ship and had epic battles with a member named Stealthycat. Justin kept banning ole Stealthy and and he came up with a ton of new IP addies and user names. The names were often similar and he had the same opinions. It was usually a month or less before Justin figured out it was stealthy and banned him again. Until then, just about everybody was in on the joke and enjoyed the camaraderie. Justin wasn't very happy but everybody else was. There were a lot of jokes back then and members used to tease each other a lot but almost everybody got along well. It was plain fun back then.

Back then, we didn't have a lot of temp bans. You either got banned or you didn't. No 2nd, 3rd and 15th chances. Over the years, there's been a few mods that were over the top but most of them have been pretty decent. Matter of fact, this forum, Off Season, got yanked over one mod attacking members and over-moderating. Some of you older members will remember him as his user name started with an "S." He's no longer a mod so I'm not going to bring up his whole name as I think he still posts once in a while as just a member. It took some other mods and admin to get this forum put back in place. Then it took more effort to get the original name put back. Everybody bellyached for about 6 months and then things sorted themselves out.

I don't know that any of this stuff has necessarily caused the slowdown at HuntingNet but it's prolly contributed some. Each outdoor website seems to have it's own niche that it fills. Some fit the bill better than others and are still going strong. This place has changed ownership, management and even a lot of mods as well as members over the years. Prolly a lot of reasons for it slowing down.
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