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Good post Jake. The running off of new members has been bad for a while now. Mostly it is caused by a few negative posters who normally like to disagree with everyone. If a forum isn't friendly nobody wants to be there. Outsiders often feel like they are on the outside of a good old boy network and just don't take the time to become a regular. The moderator team is kind of limited based on the amount of time each day one or more are on line. When no mods are on duty and abuse happens it often works its way through several posts before it is caught and fixed. Often the damage is done before anyone sees it. In the recent past there appeared to be a void in moderation and IMO some bad behavior surfaced and was left to fester even more. The answer might be for some additional mods to better cover the day and night. I would encourage anyone who wants to try it to contact one of the mod team. The job can be fairly easy if enough active mods are on the site.
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