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Originally Posted by Gm54-120 View Post
When people think of ice ages they normally assume it was all "pre-historic". When in reality it is very well documented in Europe. The Thames was even frozen over many times. In some cases upto a documented 14 weeks straight. One of the reasons France became such a wine producer was for 100s of years it was simply too cold (seasons too short) in northern countries None of this is speculation. Many hundreds of thousands of Europeans saw it and many of them died during these cold snaps. Famine was wide spread. While not a true ice age this cooling trend lasted for several hundred years AFTER a warming period that took place far before any man made industry could have caused it.

So what caused the warm period prior to the 1300s because it sure wasnt us. What caused this warm period to turn into a very long period of sever cold?.....It sure wasnt us.
An explanation?

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