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Originally Posted by Erno86 View Post
You guys have to be aware --- in case ya'll are not aware of this already --- That this is one of Trump's way with conducting corporate business over the decades, by heaping praise on mob bosses, Duterte, Putin, Saudis and the rest of the non-thinking political hordes.
you're becoming a real joke. Since when has Trump been heaping all this praise over the years? He certainly has been building things all over the place but all this praise? You're mistaking obama and hilary. It was Obama on National TV who said Russia wasn't a geopolitical threat. It was Obama on national TV who said Russia didn't meddle in our elections. It was Hilary who cashed millions of dollars worth of checks from both Russia and SA while praising them. She also signed off on selling our nuclear resources to Russian oligarchs after personally being paid off. Amazing you would have anything to say about Donald on this.
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