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I agree with both of you, whether they are crazed volunteers or paid mercenaries, funded by the money BEHIND the DEM Party, they are "DOMESTIC TERRORIST'S."
Like foreign terrorist's, they cannot come out into the open to fight! Because, just like the cockroaches that they are, they would get squashed if they came into the light!
Like it or not, the American people must face the facts: socialism/communism is an UGLY BEAST, and the DEM leadership and some portion of their followers ARE socialist's/communist's! We need look no further than Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia and N. Korea to see just how ugly it can get!
IF America ever gets to that point, we can expect China or Russia to intervene, or at the very least, the U.N. will try to take over and bring us into the "Global Community!"
Not a pretty picture! I hope and pray that Americans can come together before that ever happens!
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