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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a CZ 527 chambered in rem .223, I mounted a Vortex Optics Diamondback 1.75-5x35 optic on it. Itís a sweet setup. Now Iím looking for a great brand, type and grain in .223. Could you all Share what you prefer to shoot, brand/type and grain?

I have read all you honest thoughts and I had a change of heart. So I went back to the gun shop and pleaded my case with the salesperson. She was very understanding and I was given and options to exchange my .223 for a 7.62x39. It was the only choice I was given and honestly it was generous of being able to do such a swap. The CZ 527 is also chamber in 7.62x39. Itís an jump up from a .223.
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