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Originally Posted by elkman30 View Post
I think one could credibly argue that Trump has shaken the DNC to its' core. They are way more animated now than they ever were for Obama or Hillary. I think Bernie and that gal in NY are contributing to the shakeup as well. You don't read or hear about it much but I believe there are still some moderates on the Dem side who are not happy with their party going so far to the left. Up to now, the ultra-liberals and socialists have driven the agenda for the DNC. At some point, I think a lot of those moderates will also contribute to a party shakeup. At present, they are simply taken for granted, much like black and women voters. But I can see where they will eventually get tired of the BS and push back harder.
Good post.

Trump has shaken up CNN that's for sure. But the Dems problems started with the great recession and their inability to put together a message that reached people. Like you say they had a number of stalwarts who they counted on. Only they didn't show up in 2010.

Maybe something as simple as polling people to see what they are thinking about aside from gay marriage, gun control and abortion.
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