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OK have to ask, but if you add a SLIGHTLY longer string, will that NOT drop down the poundage on these bows?
I am not that knowledgeable on recurve's, but maybe they just installed a wrong string on it when sending it out to you!
and I fully agree, you need to TRY and explain things better to them, be CALM< being upset gets you NO where at first
the biggest issue here I think is going to be its a 4 yr old bow your asking for a NEW one , as WHY did it take this long for you to discover, if going to be there view, and you need to have a GOOD answer for it
I would be POSITIVE< based on experiences with this company, that had this been discovered as soon as you got it, they would NOT have second guessed correcting it
but the 4 yrs since you got it, is what is the trouble here!

being a loyal customer and all, sounds good, but also works against you, as if your a experience recurve owner, again WHY so long to notice that its NOT hwat you paid for?
your NOT new to the game, if you follow!
at some point we all need to assume some responsibility for our own mistakes too
this is maybe a way to just vent here, more than really expecting a NEW bow?
just saying!
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