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Originally Posted by Alsatian View Post
But . . . I have heard there is talk in Austin of changing the name of the state capital of Texas because Stephen Austin was supportive of owning slaves....................... That sounds totally f-ing ridiculous, but even in Texas the politically correct rot is gnawing away at things.
Yep ! Exactly!
Not only Austin, but New Orleans and other places that have up until now, NOT been bothered by Civil War Heroes! (You already know my feelings on PC!)
Liberal influences are taking advantage of "the times we live in," to stir division and steer America towards Socialism!
We could write books on the Left's Socialist agenda, lies, and half-truths!
Here are only a select few:
* America takes in more immigrants than ALL OTHER NATIONS COMBINED!
* The Civil War was over much more than "slavery!"
* America was not the first nation, nor the last to support slavery!
* Slaves were sold into slavery, by THEIR OWN PEOPLE!
* The North had as many, if not more slaves as the South!
* Robert E. Lee did NOT own slaves!
* Ulysses S. Grant DID however, OWN SLAVES!

Americans should start thinking for themselves, not relying on being told by someone what to think!
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