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Default Not (FAKE) News Worthy

I have my 7 year-old Grandson down here for a couple of weeks before school starts in Oklahoma. Saturday night I took him to see some bull riding and a country music show in a little town of Winnie Texas. (On I-10, between Houston and the Beaumont-Port Arthur area.) BTW, we had a great time!
Anyway conservatively, I'd say there were about 3,000 people there. Mostly White, Black and Hispanic, along with others races too. I couldn't help but observe that as an invocational prayer was said, everyone stood silent!
Not one single person sat during the National Anthem! Everyone stood at attention, hand or hat over their hearts and just about all of us sang the Star Spangled Banner together! As I said, no one sat in protest, no one burned a flag, and no one started a riot! Just a fun night in Southeast Texas!
I'm not saying that we don't have our share of lefties and fake news media in our area, but there's nothing (fake) news worthy of good American people, having good, old-fashioned fun on a Saturday night without protests, shootings and rioting !
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