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Originally Posted by Alsatian View Post

Maybe it won't be so bad as you think. Many markets exhibit price point sensitivity, and I bet hunting licenses are one of these. Looking at Colorado hunting licenses across the board -- not just applications for coveted trophy areas -- I'm guessing supply and demand are closely matched right now. If increased price drives down demand, over supply will exist -- which means unsold license opportunities. Would that happen? Only time would tell the tale. What are the economic effects of, for example, fewer elk licenses sold? Potentially diminished revenue for CPW . . . but also diminished revenue for hotels, restaurants, etc. I don't think they can willy-nilly jack up the price to any figure they like without suffering diminished demand.

But that is just my opinion, and I have no monopoly on the truth.
There are already 30,000 less Colorado NR hunters due to increased prices. The current round of price hikes I would put down as smart marketing: $10 for a Habitat fee and $40 for a preference point, $20 application fee, etc. doesn't seem so bad by themselves, but when you add them all up...........

I know that western hunting is expensive any way you slice it, but just hate to see more people being priced out of the "market". Would hate to see hunting reduced to supply and demand, and it is headed there

Just got my YES email on an elk tag for this fall, and I can pretty much afford the tags regardless of price, but know a fair amount of guys that have just had to say enough!

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