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I can,t be the only one on this web site to spend 40 -50 years hunting in Florida,
wheres the other knowledgeable old experienced geezers ,
who are willing to, help the younger generation out, by adding too hunting tips?

for the last 7-8 years Ive been mostly using a 44 mag loaded with a lee 310 grain hard cast gas check bullet over 20 grains of H110 powder

a shoulder holster makes it easy to walk in with other gear, and with practice shots from a tree stand with a revolver,sitting resting your arms on your knees, at typical 40-60 yards are not very difficult ndgun&Order=Powder&Source=
MOLD DC C 430-310-RF
the 44 mag silhouette with adjustable front site and 10 5/8" barrel

how far away do you think youll see a hog thats at most 28"-32" at the shoulder

my BLR in 358 win is very well represented

as is my 257 roberts ruger

my 44"barrel hawken style 58 caliber rifle with a round patch ball and 100 grains of 1f powder devastates deer

your rifle of choice is far less critical to success than your skill using it,
damn near any centerfire rifle you can accurately use will work,
most of my friend,s use marlin 44 mag, 45lc, or 30/30 or 45/70 lever actions,
and your ability to locate game, consistently,not the rifle caliber is the critical factor/skill.
and shots tend to be under 100 yards in most areas
some guys prefer bolt actions,some guys like semi autos,
thats fine you'll rarely need a fast second shot or longer range power, from what I've seen.

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