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Default Florida Whitetail Experience

Hey y'all,

I'm in my early twenties and have no hunting experience whatsoever. I want to get started by hunting in Osceola because I live in Lake City and it's by far the closest WMA. I have already finished the Hunter Safety Course which was fun but didn't actually teach me as much about hunting itself as I thought it was. I have a FL hunters license and will get my WMA permit in a little bit. I recently bought a .308 rifle and am wanting to get some experience from those people who have hunted in Osceola or around that area. I just want to know what I should be looking for with regards to deer sign, what kind of habitat I should be looking for, what I should be looking for on Google Earth, etc.

Also, I was wanting to know if it would be more effective for me to buy a cheap tree stand (it will have to be cheap because I'm a married college student with a child), walk around super slowly, or just buy a camp chair and try and hunt from the ground.

Also, how necessary would buying snake boots be?

Like I said, I would prefer experience from Osceola, but really any North Florida, or Florida swamp experience would be deeply appreciated!!

Thank you guys in advance,

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