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Default It Will Never Happen In Our Lifetime?... Better Start Dying!

How many times have we heard "it will never happen in our lifetime!"?
With the liberal left's monopoly of our school systems and media, we are close to the tipping point in the future of America. With the constant brainwashing of the schools and media, the younger generations especially are being led far to the left!
The way things have gone in the last few years it does not look good for the American future.
(Note: the following list contains "ballpark figures," but I don't think it would be far-fetched to look at it as +/- 50%.)

+/- 50% Don't support the United States Constitution.
+/- 50% Certainly don't support the 2nd. Amendment.
+/- 50% Don't believe in God or that America's founding principles came from the Christian Bible.
+/- 50% Believe the "Government," owes them a living.
+/- 50% Believe America was founded upon slavery.
+/- 50% Don't respect the rule of law and authority.
+/- 50% Don't respect private property.
+/- 50% Don't respect human life.
+/- 50% Have little or no, "moral compass."
+/- 50% Believe that we should apologize to the world for America's wealth and power.
+/- 50% Believe in the redistribution of wealth.
+/- 50% Don't believe in Capitalism (socialists, communists, etc.)
This is just as short list of the things that will destroy a country! Some of these things listed should be nearly 100% positive, but they are closer to the +/- 50% than they are to being unanimous! Things like respect for life, law, the flag, national anthem, and American pride should be unanimous no matter what side of the aisle you sit on!
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