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Jon, I am 100% Guilty, By Ronís picture of the test bullet, and your pictures of your Soft and Chilled Shot R.E.A.L.s, I SWORE that Ron had the Chilled shot, His test bullet picture and your Chilled shot bullets looked identical to me, That is a prime example of a picture being deceiving.

And after Ronís Test the recovered bullet looked like what i would expect a HARDER bullet to look like after a test like that.

Pete and myself didnít think the recovered bullet looked like pure lead? And after Hardness testing these 3 bullets they are not pure lead, Where i am TOTALLY wrong is thinking that you pulled a fast one and sent the Chilled shot bullets, That 1 is on me and i take full credit for it. Fact is the Little 250 Grain bullet at 8 BHN performed FLAWLESSLY. I would be EXTREMELY happy with a Dump truck of that lead pipe! Along with others i know
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