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Default Hardness Test

I Recieved The 3 Lee R.E.A.L. 250 Grain Bullets From Ron Today, Jonís Bullets. The appearance was very much that of Pure lead, They look identical to the 3 bullets on the left pictured on the Coat, These were NOT Frosty looking like the 3 on the right. I was Gonna wait til my wife got back from her trip and try to get the Test on Video, She left at 5am this morning and wonít be back til Monday. Instead of waiting I decided to test the bullets by photo, So you will have to take my word for it.

The Way this Tester works is EXTREMELY simple. You never test on the Sprue, You set the bullet by hand and turn the handle until it just grabs the bullet and holds it in place, The dial should read 0, You Take note of where the brass pointer is pointing on the Large Nut (Bottom of picture), As you can see the Cranking handle runs through that Large Nut with the numbers on it, Once you have the bullet Snug in place and the Dial reads 0, You make 1 EXACT full turn and stop on the Number you started, And read the Dial. Then Cross reference that number with Your Cabin Tree Chart. That gives you your Brinell Hardness

These 3 Bullets measured .042, .044, and .045 on my Dial, They are a True 8 BHN, The highest reading i got was the .045 and that was a bullet i tested sideways to Compare, It is VERY close, But i would go with the .042-.044

As you can See from my Chart, 8.5 BHN (My alloy of choice) starts at .045, Jonís bullets are just under this by 1, and 3 points, Again his bullets are 8 BHN According to my Tester, 8 BHN is actually not that hard, BUT one must remember that Pure lead is 5 BHN, And there is DEFINITELY a difference! I have no doubt a Lead bullet with ANY level of hardness would do VERY well in Ronís Test

I Start by making sure i have a Nice Flat surface on the Nose, Do this with a File. The Sprue ALWAYS goes against the Spring.

Bullet in place, Dial is on 0, and the Brass pointer at the bottom of this pic is pointing on 2

Make 1 EXACT full turn on the handle and stop on 2 (Where you started), And Read the Dial. As you can see the Dial is on .044 (8 BHN)

Close up of the Dial

Another Test, Bullet filed off sideways (I donít trust this 1 quite as much, but itís DARN close) Beginning of the Test

And End of the Test, Note the beginning, and the end, the Brass pointer is on no. 2, Meaning i made 1 Full Turn and the Dial is reading .045, Which would indicate 8.5 BHN, But again I trust the Nose tests, These 3 bullets were 8 BHN
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