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Originally Posted by younggun308 View Post
It really was something of a golden age for this site to have a healthy population of guys who were early Boomers or even older than that, but had figured out how to use a forum.
It does not puzzle me that many of them are gone, but what does puzzle me is the absence of quite a few younger members (not as young as me) who would now be in their 30s or 40s.
I guess catch-all forums generally ceased being as hot---I even see a lot of regional or state hunting forums have the bulk of their threads pre-2013. Most guys probably read a relevant thread after it pops up in a search engine like it's the Cabela's reviews page, without signing up for an account to ask a similar question, themselves. It seems very specific forums dedicated to say, AR-15s, concealed carry, or something are where there's still some vibrancy.

Facebook and other social media outlets have taken the front position for most of the younger people.

I'm on a PA small game hunting page that has nearly 7,000 members and new threads every hour of the day. I can post a question to a specific area and typically get 20+ replies within minutes, or a couple hours tops, from people that actually have experience hunting that general area. I've met up to hunt with others from that page multiple times.

They get even more specific. I'm on an Ohio page called "North East Ohio Buck Hunters." Last year I posted that I'd be out hunting on a wednesday on Public land to do some drives and set a meeting spot. 8 guys showed up to hunt that I'd never met before and we had a good day.

Personally, I like this forum the best. Especially back when it was more active. I like the layout, with different sections, and usernames etc.

Posts get lost on facebook, and if they aren't right at the top of the page, you might never find them again.

But these types of instant social media pages are taking over the internet forum/ message board. They are convenient, accessible, and seem to be much more area specific.

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