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Default Wow! Why Didn't They Think About This Before!

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Oklahoma’s senior senator says he has a novel way to end the controversial practice of “catch and release” on the border.
Instead of releasing illegal immigrants once they are caught trying to enter the country – and hope they show up to immigration court – Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., proposes sending them back to their home country. That way, he said, the illegal immigrants don’t become “absorbed” in the U.S. after they fail to show up to court.

Wow! What a novel idea! Catch 'em and send 'em HOME!

Caught here illegally, SEND you back where you came from! What in the world could be wrong with that!!!!???
The ONLY reason that the DUMMYCRAPS defend illegal immigration is that they see future DUMMYCRAPS!
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